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Na dopust

Hvala, gospod predsednik


The Kontrabant group has been around since 1994. It nourishes and unites high-quality acoustic ethno,
folk and country music, as well as many other types of music in the Slovenian, Hungarian, Croat, Roma, Yiddish and English languages, adding a touch of all these widely diverse cultures to
their music.

Kontrabant has left a mark on the Slovenian music scene with numerous albums and hits, some of
which, like Regrat v salat and Prekmurje, moje Prekmurje have passed into folk tradition.
The group has released two very popular CDs for children under the Nepridiprav name, and has
produced 2 CDs of Slovenian folk music as producer and supporting cast of musicians.
The band’s founder and main author, Béla Szomi, has also released an acclaimed solo album in
2009, which was re-released in 2014, together with most of the band’s other albums.
Recently, Kontrabant have released their studio album entitled Muravidék, featuring songs in the
Hungarian and Roma languages. In all their albums to date, they have set the poems of the many poets
of Prekmurje to music, most often Lajos Bence and Karel Turner.

Music for your soul.

Since its formation, the group has changed quite a few members and currently consists of 6 musicians:

Béla Szomi(accordion, classical guitar, bouzouki, vocal)

long-standing member, Dušan Železnikar (guitar, bouzouki, recorder, vocal)

Pál Szomi (drums, cajon, guitar, vocal)

Gašper Povše (mandolin, violin, vocal)

Matijas Severhen (cello bass, bass guitar, drums, vocal)

occasional member, Kika Szomi Kralj (clarinet, recorder, vocal)

All main members of the band are also music authors, with Béla being the author of around 200 songs,
a Hungarian-to-Slovenian translator of poetry, and the author of several books in the fields of
astronomy, logic and other sciences. As a point of interest, he also wrote the Slovenian evergreen
favourite Zelena dežela performed by the Victory group.

Kontrabant discography

Since 2021 they published 12 albums with a KUD Kontrabant label.

1. Utrinek/Akaun (1995)
2. Regrat u salat (1997)
3. Z nogami v zrak (2001)
4. Prešvercano (2004)
5. Dobri geni (2009)
6. Smuggling gypsies (2011 – kompilacija)
7. Sladki bes (2013)
8. Távozóban (2014)
9. Vrnitev domov/Hazatérés (virtual CD, 2015)
10. The best of/Najboukše prešvercano (2017)
11. Muravidék (2018)
12. Dobro prešvercano (2019) – vinyl record

1. Radovedna Katra in nepridiprav

(1997, Nepridiprav, music for children)

2. Naša družina

(1999, Nepridiprav, music for children)
3. Teh pesmi ne kaži svoji mami

(2009, Robeldule, poetry set to music)

Other works

Published music videos

1996 – Hej Roma, Odi mala
1997 – Moj otrok, Samo zate
1998 – Regrat u salat
2002 – Dal ti bom pesem, Prekmurje
2009 – Slovenski dopust po repersko
2010 – Hvala gospod predsednik
2013 – Na predjesen

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